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Father Of The Bride Speech
We asked Irish speechwriter, Robert Hayes-McCoy, of, to write a special 10-12 minute Father of the Bride Speech, following the easy steps outlined below, for our visitors.
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Nine easy steps to follow when giving a father-of-the-bride wedding speech.

Step 1 - Introduce yourself and officially welcome guests on behalf of your family.
Step 2 - Thank everyone involved in the organisation of the happy day.
Step 3 - Tell everyone how proud you are today and remember absent friends.
Step 4 - Welcome your new son-in-law into your family.
Step 5 - Tell a story about your daughter - a happy memory or a success story.
Step 6 - Pay a warm tribute to your wife.
Step 7 - Give some good-humoured advice to the happy couple.
Step 8 - Wish the bride and the groom every happiness and success in the future.
Step 9 - Propose a toast to the bride and the groom.

Free Father of the Bride Speech
Here's Robert's free sample speech for you based on the above example outline.

Step 1 - Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to thank you all for being here today, especially those of you who knew in advance that I would be saying a few words, but agreed to come nevertheless. I'm Tom, Mary's Dad - and my wife, Anna and I are absolutely delighted to see you all here. If the truth be told - this is a moment that I haven't really been looking forward to - standing up and making a public speech in front of so many people. But now that I'm standing here - and looking at so many happy smiling faces, I want to thank you all for making this moment so much easier for me.

Step 2 - So many people have helped to make this a memorable day for all of us. I want to thank you all. In particular I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Judy and Maeve who are sitting over there. You were terrific! You worked tirelessly organising the reception, the church ... everything. I want you to know how much we all appreciate your hard work.

I'd like to briefly mention absent friends - Brian & Margaret, Mary's adoring grandparents. Sadly they have not lived to be with us in person on this happy day. But they are here in spirit; I can feel their happy smiles and good wishes radiating everywhere. So ladies and gentlemen, I would like to offer you the first toast of this glorious day - to dear absent friends!

Step 3 - I want everyone to know how proud Anna and I are of our darling daughter. I have so many memories of you at different times in your life, Mary... good memories... happy memories.... exciting memories ... times when we were 'worried-sick' memories ... fond memories... but today is my proudest memory of all. I'm so proud of you today that I think I might burst with happiness - and that, on reflection, would not be a happy sight.

Step 4 - And what about that dashing young man sitting there beside you? John. Welcome to the family John. You are so lucky to have met my little girl. Then again, she's so lucky to have met you. You are a warm and considerate person and Anna and I are delighted that you are now our son in law. I've decided that I haven't lost a daughter; I've gained the best plumber in the world! Beat that! Seriously though! We think the world of you, John. And we are so proud that you are our son in law. I'm sure your parents, Valerie and Bernard, who are sitting here beside me, are proud of you too. Valerie and Bernard, you did a wonderful job rearing such a wonderful young man. Congratulations!

Step 5 - With so many wonderful people around me, I simply have to say... Mary, you are a wonderful daughter. I have so many happy memories of you. Today you are a considerate, polite, happy, caring person. But you haven't always been like that. I well remember the day when you picked up your burger with both hands and crammed it into your mouth with most unladylike relish. To my astonishment you ate half the burger in one mouthful. "Another bite like that and you're dead young lady', I told you. You'll have to leave the table immediately'. 'Another bite like that,' you replied, 'and I'll have finished it anyway.'

Step 6 - I cannot let this special family occasion go by without paying a warm tribute to my wife, and Mary's mother: Anna. Throughout all Mary's life, Anna has been her guiding star, mentor, friend and mum. She has been a tower of strength to all of us over the past few days. And I don't think that there was a prouder person in the church today as Mary and John walked down the aisle as husband and wife. Truly, she is a wonderful person - a caring mother, a loving wife and the most beautiful mother-of-the-bride in the church today.

Step 7 - Tradition demands that at this stage I come down to earth and offer the happy couple some learned advice as you stand at the threshold of your journey through marriage life. Now I could inspire you with all kinds of highbrow quotations and suchlike. I could ... but I won't! Instead I read you a few lines from Ogden Nash which go:

"To keep your marriage brimming,
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you're wrong admit it;
Whenever you're right shut up."

Step 8 - On those wise words, Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is fast approaching for me to 'shut up'. But before I do, I'd like to remind the bride and the groom how greatly blessed they are. Blessed to have found your best friend in each other. Blessed to be in love with each other. Blessed to know deep in your hearts that you are ready to share the rest of your lives together with each other. Mary and John may you always remain 'best friends.' May you always believe in the best in one and other - and may you always follow your dreams and find happiness and beauty in each other wherever you go.

Step 9 - Ladies and gentlemen before I sit down and remain silent for evermore I would like to offer you a short toast:

"Here's to the past - for all that it taught you,
Here's to the present - for all that you share
And here's to the future - for all that you can look forward to together"

The toast is to Mary and John, our beautiful bride and her handsome young prince.

If you are interested in other examples of wedding speeches you'll find a full range on Robert's web site at, plus he is available for hire to create a custom wedding speech for your daughter's special day.