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Edmunds.com publishes values for new and used vehicles called True Market Value pricing (TMV). Edmunds only provides pricing for cars and pickup trucks - new and used. Edmunds does not provide values online for motorcycles, classic cars or other types of vehicles such as rv's and campers.

Edmunds.com provides used car prices back to 1990. A service to receive an appraisel price is available for cars from 1980 to 1989.

Comparing Blue Book Values

When establishing the value of any vehicle, compare as many values from different sources as possible. Since values change over time and between companies, it is important to always reference the most recent values available from as many different blue books as possible. In general you may find Edmunds values to be lower than Kelley Blue Book or NADA because the TMV is based on actual selling prices while the other blue book values are based on listing prices.