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Car Quotes is a website which provides a free car valuation service to consumers. As part of this service, CarQuotes provides the trade in value black book provided by National Auto Research.

In order to receive the black book value, visit the carquotes.com website and enter the information for the car you want to obtain the black book value for. After submitting the car's details including mileage you will be asked to provide your contact information along with an email address. The used car valuation report is sent to you via email immediately after this is provided. The black book value is provided within a pdf that is printable and also provides other information about the vehicle's value.

About Black Book Values

Where Can I Find The Canadian Black Book


What Is A Black Book Value

Black Book values refer to the estimated sale price of a vehicle at wholesale. Black book auto values are often referenced to gauge the auction price for a trade in car that a dealer may purchase.

Who Determines Black Book Values

National Auto Research publishes and provides Black Book values. National Auto Research is a business division of Hearst Business Media Corporation.

National Auto Research employs teams of people who attend car auction sales where dealers purchase vehicles at wholesale prices. These sales are monitored to determine the black book value of a vehicle by National Auto Research.

How Frequently Are Black Book Values Updated

National Auto Research updates black book values each month.