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How to find free blue book values of a motorcycle

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Motorcycle Blue Book

Since each method may result in a different value, it is best to estimate your motorcycle's value based on using multiple methods to attain the most accurate estimate. In addition to attaining blue book estimates of the value from NADA and Kelley Blue Book, you can also review completed sales of motorcycles on auction websites such as Ebay Motors to estimate a value.

Motorcycle blue book prices are published online by both Kelley Blue Book & NADA. Motorcycle prices vary between blue books, so at least check both Kelley & NADA Blue Book to compare values provided. Both provide used motorcycle bluebook prices. NADA also provides blue book values for motorcycle trailers, side cars and optional equipment.

Kelley Blue Book

Free values available for motorcycles manufactured from 1970 to 2020.

NADA Guides

Prices provided by NADA are available back to 1905. Motorcycles manufactured prior to 1995 are classified under their "Vintage Motorcycle" category.

Motorcycle Manufacturer Rating

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Blue Book Guide

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