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How to find free blue book values of a tractor

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Where Can I Find Tractor Blue Book Values For Free

There is not a blue book publication available online for free to research tractor values, but there are alternative methods to research used values is to evaluate the pricing of tractors for sale in the marketplace. The top two methods are:

Request An Estimated Value From A Tractor Dealer

Go to the manufacturer website of your tractor (i.e. John Deere) and use their dealer locator to identify the closest dealer to you. Contact your dealer and provide them with the details of your tractor such as year, model, condition. They will be able to provide you with an estimated value.

Research Tractor Prices Of Sales Completed Online

This can be completed by viewing current classified ad listings and completed sales at a variety of classified ad and auction websites. By comparing your tractor with similar tractors for sale you may be able to gauge the estimated pricing. Websites to do this are provided below.

What Is The Top Site For Finding Tractor Values

The leading site for used tractor values is Iron Solutions, Inc. When you select that link and enter the data you are eventually provided a login or registration page. A single online appraisal costs $9.95 while 5 free appraisals are provided to those who purchase the guide for $84.95. Select region and then Type, Make, Model, Year.

Do Kelley Blue Book Or NADA Guides Publish Tractor Values

No. Neither Kelley Blue Book nor NADA Guides publishes blue book prices of tractors.

Which Websites Have Prices Of Tractors Sold

There are several options to view completed sale prices of tractors to estimate your value. Use the following sites to search for sale prices of tractors. As you find similar tractors, create a list of prices sold then calculate the low, high and average price based on the values you have researched. Make a special notation of the location as the region of the country can impact pricing.


Search completed sales of auctioned tractors to view values based on the past six months of sales data within their system.

Antique Tractors

This page provides access to prices of tractors sold through the Antique Tractors website. Select the tractor manufacturer name, then scroll down to view the model of tractor you have and year. Consider the condition (Working, Restored, Complete) when comparing your tractor for sale.

Purple Wave

View completed auctions of tractors. On the right site of the page, search past auctions by entering the year, manufacture and model of your tractor. There are two search function provided. One for December 2007 and before while the top search is from January 2008 to the current date.

Tractor House

Use this page to drill down and view results of previous auctions of farm equipment including tractors.

Machine Finder

This site lists tractors for sale by John Deere dealers. Here is what their website states about finding used tractor values: Many customers research our site for similar machines to find the price they are being sold online to consider the selling value of their own machine. You can simply search MachineFinder for machines matching yours and observe the prices listed. However, your best resource may be your John Deere dealer. If you provide the dealer with details about your machine, they can help provide an estimated value. To find your local dealer you can utilize the dealer locator at www.johndeere.com.

Source: machinefinder.com


An option exists for members of Ebay to view completed sales information including pricing.

Blue Book Guide

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