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LS Tractor USA
6900 Corporation Parkway
Battleboro, NC 27809

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2016 LS P7040

What is a fair price

2017 LS XG3025

I need the value on a 2017 XG 3025 LS tractor

2012 LS R4104H

What other information do you need to give me your idea of value on this utility tractor. It is 41 HP, 400 hours on it, comes with bucket. He wants to sell the shredder separately for another $800. The tractor looks in good condition. Tires are good. What do you think?

2015 LS XR3037


2017 LS XR4150H

Used value


LS Blue Book Value

3033 Tractor
G3038 Tractor
G3830 Tractor
J2020H Tractor
J2030H Tractor
LST XJ2025H Tractor
P7010 Tractor
P7040 Tractor
R4104H Tractor
R45RF Tractor
U5030 Tractor
XG3025 Tractor
XJ2025 Tractor
XJ2025H Tractor
XR3037 Tractor
XR4046 Tractor
XR4145 Tractor
XR4145HC Tractor
XR4150H Tractor

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LS Values

2016 LS XR3037
2013 LS J2020H
2015 LS P7010
2014 LS G3038
2016 LS P7040
2015 LS XR3037
2018 LS XJ2025H
2015 LS P7040
2012 LS J2030H
2015 LS XR4145HC