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New Holland Blue Book Value

New Holland Values
Market Rank: 306

- Lawn Mower
- Skid Steer
- Tractor

Last 5 Used Values
1992 New Holland 2450
2006 New Holland TC45DA
2000 New Holland TN 65
2018 New Holland Work Master 25
2016 New Holland Boomer 41

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New Holland
500 Diller Avenue
New Holland, Pennsylvania 17557

Used Values
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Trending New Holland Values

2018 New Holland C227
2016 New Holland Workmaster 33
2016 New Holland T4.75
2016 New Holland Boomer 41
2014 New Holland Workmaster 35
2011 New Holland Boomer 40
2005 New Holland TC55DA


2008 New Holland T2420

How much is it worth with 610 hours

1999 New Holland TC33D

Blue book value

2018 New Holland 665TL

Blue book value

2002 New Holland TM115

How much is a New Holland TM115 with cab and loader and 9000 hours worth.

2011 New Holland TC33D


2014 New Holland Boomer 30

Market Value

2006 New Holland 75N

What is market value, has front end loader and bush hog.

1996 New Holland 3930

What is value? Has 1600 hrs.

2009 New Holland T6020

What is the value of this tractor, it has a loader and 1000 hrs

1996 New Holland 3930

Value of tractor with loader. 150 hours.

2001 New Holland TC40

What is it worth? 16LA front loader.

2008 New Holland T1520

Seller says 2007 but T1520 only made 2008 to 2013

2002 New Holland 7610

Average used retail

1988 New Holland 7108

Whats it worth

2014 New Holland T8 410

What is the price

Lawn Mower

Skid Steer


New Holland Blue Book Value

Boomer 41 Lawn Mower
Work Master 75 Lawn Mower
C227 Skid Steer
C337 Skid Steer
L228 Skid Steer
L785 Skid Steer
1025 Boomer Tractor
110TL Tractor
1215 Tractor
1510 Tractor
1520 Tractor
1530 Tractor
1630 Tractor
16LA Tractor
1720 Tractor
1925 Tractor
2120 Tractor
270TL Tractor
3010S Tractor
32LA Tractor
33 Tractor
3430 Tractor
3930 Tractor
4055 Tractor
45 Tractor
4630 Tractor
4835 Tractor
50 Workmaster Tractor
50A Tractor
5450 Tractor
54D Tractor
555E Tractor
655TL Tractor
658 Tractor
6640 Tractor
665TL Tractor
7108 Tractor
7308 Tractor
75 Workmaster Tractor
7610 Tractor
7630 Tractor
8160 Tractor
8770 Tractor
Boomer Tractor
Boomer 1025 Tractor
Boomer 24 Tractor
Boomer 25 Tractor
Boomer 35 Tractor
Boomer 40 Tractor
Boomer 45 Tractor
Boomer 46 Tractor
Boomer 46D Tractor
Boomer 50 Tractor
Boomer 8N Tractor
C210 Tractor
C232 Tractor
G6035 Tractor
HW325 Tractor
L185 Tractor
LS150 Tractor
LS180 Tractor
Master 50 Tractor
N160026 Tractor
N75 Tractor
Power Star 90 Tractor
Power Star T4 75 Tractor
T1110 Tractor
T1510 Tractor
T1520 Tractor
T1530 Tractor
T2220 Tractor
T2310 Tractor
T2330 Tractor
T2420 Tractor
T30 Tractor
T35 Tractor
T4.100 Tractor
T4.75 Tractor
T4.85A Tractor
T4020 Tractor
T4030 Tractor
T4040 Tractor
T4050 Tractor
T4060F Tractor
T4105 Tractor
T5060 Tractor
T6.155 Tractor
T6020 Tractor
T6030 Tractor
T8030 Tractor
TC 30 Tractor
TC 35 Tractor
TC18 Tractor
TC21D Tractor
TC25D Tractor
TC29 Tractor
TC29D Tractor
TC30 Tractor
TC31DA Tractor
TC33D Tractor
TC33DA Tractor
TC35D Tractor
TC35DA Tractor
TC40 Tractor
TC40 DA Tractor
TC40A Tractor
TC40D Tractor
TC45 Tractor
TC45D Tractor
TC45DA Tractor
TC45DDA Tractor
TC55DA Tractor
TD5030 Tractor
TD5050 Tractor
TD80D Tractor
TD95D Tractor
TK75VA Tractor
TL100A Tractor
TL80A Tractor
TL90 Tractor
TM115 Tractor
TN 55 Tractor
TN-75A Tractor
TN60 Tractor
TN60A Tractor
TN65 Tractor
TN65D Tractor
TN70 Tractor
TN70A Tractor
TN75 Tractor
TN75A Tractor
TN75DA Tractor
TN80F Tractor
TN85DA Tractor
TS110 Tractor
TS110A Tractor
TS6.140 Tractor
TT45A Tractor
TT50 Tractor
TT55 Tractor
TV140 Tractor
TZ25DA Tractor
Work Master 25 Tractor
Work Master 33 Tractor
Work Master 40 Tractor
Work Master 50 Tractor
Work Master 55 Tractor
Workman 35 Tractor
Workmaster 25 Tractor
Workmaster 33 Tractor
Workmaster 35 Tractor
Workmaster 40 Tractor
Workmaster 45 Tractor
Workmaster 50 Tractor
Workmaster 55 Tractor
Workmaster 60 Tractor
Workmaster 70 Tractor
Workmaster 75 Tractor

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Mew Holland
New Holand

New HollandQ & A

New Holland Values

1992 New Holland 2450
2006 New Holland TC45DA
2000 New Holland TN 65
2018 New Holland Work Master 25
2016 New Holland Boomer 41
2016 New Holland T5.115 Electro Command
2008 New Holland T4030
2011 New Holland Boomer 50
2004 New Holland TC55DA
1999 New Holland TC29
2016 New Holland Work Master 60
1999 New Holland 1920
2007 New Holland TD80D
1996 New Holland 1920
2005 New Holland TC40DA