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Last 5 Used Values
1991 Ford 415
1991 Ford EA415L
2011 Ford E350 Step Up
1998 Ford F550
1982 Ford 5600

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Trending Ford Values

2016 Ford F550
2011 Ford Ranger
2004 Ford F550
2001 Ford F450
1999 Ford F550
1999 Ford F350
1998 Ford 1720
1995 Ford F800
1986 Ford E350
1986 Ford 1710
1968 Ford Mustang
1967 Ford Mustang
1966 Ford Mustang
1965 Ford Mustang

Q & A

1989 Ford Mustang LX

Whats my ride worth

74K, Auto, 4 Cly, A/C Cold, New tires, New brakes, New radiator, New heater core.

2000 Ford F150

How much can I ask for this truck? It has 4 wheel drive and about 100,000 miles on it with good tires.

1970 Ford 3000

Average selling price of 1970 gas Ford 3000 running in average shape


1963 Ford 100

What is a 63 Ford 100 kept original restored worth today

1995 Ford 4630

What’s the used price

2009 Ford E650


2006 Ford Metrolite

What could I sell my 2006 Ford 12 passenger shuttle bus in good condition with 65000 miles

1978 Ford Ranger

I am interested in selling my truck. I am trying to get a idea on what its worth

2011 Ford 250

Book value of 2011 F 250 diesel truck

2015 Ford F550

Value of 2015 F550 4x4 dump truck 27,000 miles

2007 Ford F-350

What is the value of this truck - 210000 miles - condition good

1939 Ford Coupe


2003 Ford F-450

What is it worth

1996 Ford 1920

I have a 1996 Ford New Holland with 4,000 hrs, how much is it worth?

1982 Ford 1300

What would a 1982 Ford 1300 tractor be worth

1987 Ford F700

Retail price when new

1997 Ford 1920

What is the resale value with loader

2011 Ford SL F350 HD

What is the value



Classic Car

Dump Truck



Semi Truck



Ford Blue Book Value

HN Blue Book
E35S Bus
E450 Bus
E450 Shuttle Bus Bus
E650 Bus
Ecoline E-450 Bus
Metrolite Bus
Safari Bus
Starcraft Allstar Bus
Starcraft Bus Bus
Taurus Car
Bronco 2 Classic Car
Bronco II Classic Car
Fairlane GT Classic Car
Fast Back Classic Car
Galaxie Classic Car
Galaxy Classic Car
Galaxy 500 Classic Car
LTD Classic Car
Mustang Classic Car
Mustang GT Classic Car
Ranchero Classic Car
Shelby GT350 Classic Car
Thunderbird Classic Car
Torino Brougham Classic Car
DP Dump Truck
Dump Truck Dump Truck
F 550 XL Diesel Dump Truck
F-450 Dump Truck
F-550 Dump Truck
F-550SD Dump Truck
F-650 Dump Truck
F-750 Dump Truck
F450 Dump Truck
F450 Turbo Diesel Dump Truck
F550 Super Duty Dump Truck
F700 Dump Truck
F750 Dump Truck
L-8000 Dump Truck
L8000 Dump Truck
L9000 Dump Truck
L9513 Dump Truck
LTL 9000 Dump Truck
LTN 9000 Dump Truck
Excursion Limousine
Econoline Motorhome
Sky Motorhome
F850 Semi Truck
T-700 Semi Truck
1220 Tractor
1310 Tractor
1320 Tractor
1500 Tractor
1710 Tractor
1715 Tractor
1900 Tractor
1920 Tractor
2000 Tractor
2110 Tractor
2600 Tractor
3000 Tractor
3000 Diesel Tractor
3415 Tractor
3600 Tractor
3610 Tractor
3910 II Tractor
4000 Tractor
4016 Tractor
4030 Tractor
5000 Tractor
555C Tractor
5610 Tractor
5610 Ll Tractor
641 Tractor
6600 Tractor
6610 Tractor
6700 Tractor
771 Tractor
7710 Tractor
7710 Series II Tractor
7740 Tractor
8210 Tractor
8240 Tractor
846 Tractor
8630 Tractor
8N Tractor
900 T Tractor
9N Tractor
Boomer 30 Tractor
CA213 Tractor
F-1700 Tractor
Golden Jubilee Tractor
Jubilee Tractor
Jubilee N9 Tractor
Power Master 841 Tractor
Workmaster Tractor
Workmaster 601 Tractor
4X4 Super Duty Truck
550 Truck
AA Roadster Express Truck
Colt Truck
E350 Truck
F 550 Super Duty Truck
F-150 Truck
F-150 SC Truck
F-350 Truck
F100 Truck
F150 Truck
F250 Truck
F250 Super Duty Truck
F350 Truck
F350 Diesel Truck
F550 Truck
F600 Truck
F650 Truck
Flairside Truck
Ranger Truck

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FordQ & A

Ford Values

1991 Ford 415
1991 Ford EA415L
2011 Ford E350 Step Up
1998 Ford F550
1982 Ford 5600
2020 Ford E450
1997 Ford F350
2011 Ford Starcraft Bus
2009 Ford E450
1982 Ford 1700
1986 Ford E350
2008 Ford Ranger
1976 Ford 3600
1989 Ford 3910
2006 Ford F550