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Ford Blue Book Values

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Ford Mustang LX

Whats my ride worth

74K, Auto, 4 Cly, A/C Cold, New tires, New brakes, New radiator, New heater core.

Ford F150

How much can I ask for this truck? It has 4 wheel drive and about 100,000 miles on it with good tires.

Ford 3000

Average selling price of 1970 gas Ford 3000 running in average shape


2000 Ford 2124

What would a Ford 2124 w/Loader 4wd year 2000 in fair condition be worth. Is there a model 2124? what is the horse power?

1979 Ford 1700

How much is it worth?

2017 Ford Platinum

Value of my truck

1996 Ford LTLA 9000

Looking for a price

1993 Ford 4 Door

What would be the value of this truck in excellent condition?

1951 Ford 8n

Value of Ford 8n with full hydraulic Wagner loader?

2005 Ford F550

Value of the truck miles 113400 good condition no rust


Classic Car

Dump Truck


Semi Truck



Ford Blue Book Value

1220 Tractor
1320 Tractor
1715 Tractor
1900 Tractor
2000 Tractor
2110 Tractor
3000 Tractor
4000 Tractor
4X4 Super Duty Truck
5000 Tractor
5610 Tractor
6610 Tractor
7710 Tractor
8N Tractor
900 T Tractor
9N Tractor
AA Roadster Express Truck
CA213 Tractor
DP Dump Truck
Econoline Motorhome
F-150 Truck
F-350 Truck
F-550 Dump Truck
F100 Truck
F150 Truck
F250 Truck
F350 Truck
HN Blue Book
Mustang Classic Car
Ranger Truck
Shelby GT350 Classic Car
Taurus Car
Workmaster Tractor

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FordQ & A

2013 Ford Explorer
1987 Ford 3600
1957 Ford 600
1976 Ford 5600
1995 Ford F-150
2003 Ford Ranger
1974 Ford 4500
1984 Ford TW5
1975 Ford 2600
1997 Ford F800
1984 Ford 1100
1968 Ford Mustang
1989 Ford F800
1992 Ford 345C
1995 Ford 2000
1996 Ford Commercial
1993 Ford 8630
2017 Ford F550
1996 Ford Ltla 9000
2005 Ford Mustang