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2004 Sterling LT9500

What is the NADA value

2000 Sterling FL9500

What its worth

Dump Truck

Semi Truck

Sterling Blue Book Value

Acterra Dump Truck
L7500 Dump Truck
LT9500 Dump Truck
A9500 Semi Truck
AT9500 Semi Truck
AT9513 Semi Truck
L9500 Semi Truck

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Sterling Values

2003 Sterling M
2007 Sterling Acterra
2000 Sterling 9500
2002 Sterling L7500
2003 Sterling AT9513
2007 Sterling AT9500
2005 Sterling 8500
2004 Sterling Acterra
2007 Sterling L9500
2004 Sterling AT9513
2007 Sterling A9500
2000 Sterling LT9513
2006 Sterling 8500