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How to find free blue book values of a manufactured home

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1. Who publishes blue book values of manufactured homes

2. Where can I find a list of manufactured home manufacturers

3. Are there other manufactured home blue book values

4. Does Kelley Blue Book provide manufactured home values

Manufactured Home Blue Book

Blue book prices for manufactured homes are published online and in print by NADA Guides. NADA currently charges between $30 and $50 for blue book values of manufactured homes provided online.

NADA Guides
Manufactured Housing Value Report
Cost: $30-50 per report
Range: 1950 to 2021
View sample report

Here are NADA Guides publications related to manufactured homes:

- Basic Used Home Value Report
- Professional Used Home Value Report
- New Home Price Report

New Manufactured Homes

Pricing for new manufactured homes provided by NADA Guides includes average retail price plus options provided by the factory.

Cost: 10 for $390
Link: b2b.nada.com

Where can I find a list of manufactured home manufacturers

View a list of manufacturers provided by NADA. List of manufacturer includes address and phone number. Select link providing first letter of manufacturer name to view details. This list of manufacturers is based on the current publication date.

Are There Other Manufactured Home Blue Book Values

MH Village is leader in the manufactured home and mobile home marketplace. They provide a valuation service for a fee of $12.75 that gives you a blue book value of your mobile home or manufactured home. Service is provided free to existing customers up to three reports.

MH Village
Cost: 1 for $12.75
Link: formsite.com

Does Kelley Blue Book Provide Manufactured Home Values

Kelley Blue Book does not provide blue book values for manufactured homes.