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Which companies are the top airplane manufacturers

Who provides valuations of airplanes online

Are there any free websites to lookup an airplane's value

How can I check an airplane's NTSB & FAA records

Do Kelley Blue Book, NADA or Edmunds provide airplane values

Top Airplane Manufacturers


Who Provides Valuations Of Airplanes Online

The following are the main sources of airplane values for the aviation industry

Blue Book Values
Aircraft Price Digest
Aircraft Value Reference (Vref)
Airliner Price Guide
International Bluebook

Appraisals, Brokers & Dealers

It is common with a sale like an airplane that a broker is involved in the transaction. By selecting a broker for your sale, you can receive assistance with valuing your plane from them. There are also many airplane appraisal services. Contact a dealer and ask them for an appraisal of your airplane. Some will provide this for free if you ask. You may also want to check websites that list airplanes for sale for a comparision to current marketplace pricing.

Are There Any Free Websites To Lookup An Airplane's Value

Aircraft Value Reference (Vref)

A sample blue book value report by Vref Publishing


Aircraft Owners And Pilots Association

AOPA members receive free acccess to Vref reports. Membership starts at $39.

Other options with NO free websites

Aircraft Price Digest
Airliner Price Guide
International Blue Book

How Can I Check An Airplane's NTSB & FAA Records

1. Enter the tail number into the MyAirplane.com search and select your reports.

2. Request copies of aircraft records from the FAA. 10-15 days to receive.

Do Kelley Blue Book, NADA Or Edmunds Provide Airplane Values

No. Kelley Blue Book, NADA Blue Book or Edmunds do not publish airplane values either online or within their print version of their bluebooks.

List Of Airplane Manufacturers


Blue Book Guide

1957 Cessna 182A
1964 Cessna 172 E
1957 Cessna 182A
1983 Mooney M20K
2007 Beechcraft G36
1957 Cessna 172
1980 Piper PA28-236
1978 Cessna 172N
1964 Mooney M20E
1977 Piper PA28-181
1978 Grumman AA5B
1999 Piper PA28-181
2014 Airbus 350-900
1976 Mooney M20C
1997 Piper Malibu
1997 Cessna 172SP
2012 Cessna 172
1976 Cessna 182
1965 Piper Comanche
1964 Piper PA-30
1975 Beechcraft Baron E55
2004 Cessna 182T
1977 Piper Arrow III
1964 Mooney M20C Mark 21
1962 Cessna 182
1970 Cessna Cardinal
2010 Dassault 900LX
2020 Piaggio Avanti Evo
1978 Piper 28R 201T
1966 Piper Comanche 260B