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Kenworth Blue Book Guide

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Kirkland, WA 98033

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2007 Kenworth T2000

Truck worth

1996 Kenworth T800

Blue book value of truck

2014 Kenworth T680

Wholesale value?

2000 Kenworth T600B

How do I find out what my truck is worth

2009 Kenworth T660

What is my truck worth

2017 Kenworth T 680

What is the value of a Kenworth 680 with 500000 mi. Auto trans.

1999 Kenworth W900L

What is the current value of my truck after depreciation?

2020 Kenworth T680

What is the value of my truck

2013 Kenworth T660


2000 Kenworth W900

I am looking for a blue book value.

1998 Kenworth T800


1989 Kenworth W90

Need blue book value

2014 Kenworth T660

Book value

2011 Kenworth T700

589,000 very good condition, diesel tuned, all new tires

2007 Kenworth T800

How much is the semi valued at

Dump Truck

Semi Truck

Kenworth Blue Book Value

T800 Dump Truck
T880 Dump Truck
680 Semi Truck
K100 Semi Truck
T20 Semi Truck
T2000 Semi Truck
T2701 Semi Truck
T6 Series Semi Truck
T600 Semi Truck
T600B Semi Truck
T660 Semi Truck
T680 Semi Truck
T680 Semi Truck
T700 Semi Truck
W600 Semi Truck
W800 Semi Truck
W90 Semi Truck
W900 Semi Truck
W900L Semi Truck

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Kenworth Values

2004 Kenworth W900
2017 Kenworth T680
2002 Kenworth T300
2007 Kenworth T2000
1996 Kenworth T800
2016 Kenworth T680
1989 Kenworth T600
2013 Kenworth T660
2007 Kenworth T600
2013 Kenworth T680
2014 Kenworth T680
2016 Kenworth W900L
1999 Kenworth W900L
2018 Kenworth T680
2000 Kenworth T600B