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2701 Navistar Drive
Lisle, Illinois 60532

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1983 International 982

What is it worth

1988 International 9300


2012 International Prostar Plus

Looking for retail value for bank on 2012 Prostar Plus with 166K miles

2006 International 9200I

How much

2006 International 9900i

Looking to see the retail value on a 9900i 18 speed Cummins mileage 500k+

2003 International 9200i

What is my truck value

1985 International F2574

What is the value of my dump truck

2006 International TR

Market value of this truck

2013 International Durastar 4300

What is this truck worth

2006 International 4300 DT466

What is the value of my truck

2015 International Prostar

Need ACV for insurance quote, has 377,000 miles.

1984 International L

What is the value of my 1984 dump truck

1976 International 786

What is fair value of 786 International tractor, no cab

2015 International DS

I want to know the value

2013 International ProStar

Vehicle has Max Force 13 430 horse engine in it


Dump Truck

Semi Truck


International Blue Book Value

4300 Dt466 Dump Truck
F2574 Dump Truck
L Dump Truck
1400 Semi Truck
4300 Semi Truck
4300 SBA 4X2 Semi Truck
4400 Semi Truck
4700 Semi Truck
4900 Semi Truck
8100 Semi Truck
8600 Semi Truck
9000 Semi Truck
9100 Semi Truck
9200 Semi Truck
9200i Semi Truck
9300 Semi Truck
940 Semi Truck
9400 Semi Truck
9400i Semi Truck
9500 Semi Truck
9900 Semi Truck
9900i Semi Truck
990i Semi Truck
99I Semi Truck
Durastar 4300 Semi Truck
F4370 Semi Truck
Fleetstar Semi Truck
FT6 Semi Truck
LF627 Semi Truck
Lonestar Semi Truck
LT Semi Truck
LT625 Semi Truck
Pro Star Semi Truck
Prostar Semi Truck
Prostar LT Semi Truck
Prostar Plus Semi Truck
Prostar Premium Semi Truck
S2300 Semi Truck
Terrastar Semi Truck
TR Semi Truck
Transtar Semi Truck
Trustar Semi Truck
1130 Tractor
244 Tractor
300 Utility Tractor
3414 Tractor
3688 Tractor
434 Tractor
4386 Tractor
460 Utility Tractor
574 Tractor
584 Tractor
595 Tractor
684 Tractor
706 Tractor
766 Tractor
784 Tractor
786 Tractor
9500i Tractor
B 414 Tractor
B275 Tractor
Harvester Tractor
MX110 Tractor
W9 Tractor
DuraStar Truck

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International Values

2019 International Lonestar
2015 International Pro Star
2016 International Prostar
2014 International Prostar
2008 International 4300
1985 International 574
2003 International 9900i
2012 International ProStar
2020 International LT
1996 International Rhino 344
1999 International 4700
2019 International LT
2010 International Prostar
2001 International 4900
2011 International Pro Star