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2016 Bad Boy Outlaw XP

What is the value of a 2015 Bad Boy Outlaw XP 72 inch with Vanguard 33 hp motor

2015 Bad Boy ZT 60 elite

Estimated value of this mower

Lawn Mower

Bad Boy Blue Book Value

6100 Outlaw XP Lawn Mower
FX850 Lawn Mower
Maverick Lawn Mower
Outlaw Lawn Mower
Outlaw 7200 Lawn Mower
Outlaw Extereme Lawn Mower
Outlaw XP Lawn Mower
ZT Lawn Mower
ZT 60 Elite Lawn Mower
ZT Elite Lawn Mower

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Bad Boy Values

2018 Bad Boy Outlaw XP
2019 Bad Boy ZT Elite
2015 Bad Boy Outlaw 7200
2016 Bad Boy FX850
2018 Bad Boy Stand Up
2016 Bad Boy Elite
2018 Bad Boy Maverick
2010 Bad Boy MZ
2009 Bad Boy ZT 2300
2015 Bad Boy Outlaw
2015 Bad Boy ZT 60 Elite
2016 Bad Boy 6100 Outlaw XP
2013 Bad Boy MZ
2010 Bad Boy M142