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Hustler Turf Equipment
200 South Ridge Road
Hesston, KS 67062

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2014 Hustler Raptor Flip Up 54

Wanting to get a newer one. What might this one be worth? About 350 hours on it. Well maintained at the dealer.

Lawn Mower

Hustler Blue Book Value

42 Lawn Mower
932830 Lawn Mower
937854 Lawn Mower
Fastrack 60 Lawn Mower
Fastrak 44 Lawn Mower
Raptor SD Lawn Mower

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Hustler Values

2014 Hustler 932830
2018 Hustler 937854
2016 Hustler Raptor
2019 Hustler 42
2018 Hustler Fastrack 60
2016 Hustler Raptor SD
2009 Hustler Super Z
2014 Hustler Fast Track