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2004 John Deere Gator

Value of 2004 John Deere Gator with 200 hrs on it

John Deere ATVBlue Book

Market Rank
Category: 1071
Manufacturer: 2934
Year/Model: 3

There were 4 models of the Gator manufactured during 2004

Gator Compact CS
Gator CX
Gator TS 4x2
Gator TX 4x2

We were able to find blue book values with KBB by following these steps. We used the [Gator CX] as an example. Substitute your John Deere model.

Kelley Blue Book

Go to [www.kbb.com]

Select = [Motorcycles]

Select Year = [2004]

Select Make = [John Deere]

Select Model = [Gator CX]

[Trade In Value] / [Typical Listing Price]

Typical Listing Price = $3145
Trade In Value = $2135


John Deere

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2004 John Deere Gator

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