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Last 5 Used Values
2008 Airstream Ocean Breeze
2009 Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB
2007 Airstream Safari
2008 Airstream Ocean Breeze
2007 Airstream Safari

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Current Market

Research the used value of an Airstream travel trailer.


Demand is currently high for Airstream travel trailers. It is a seller market. People are reporting new Airstreams are taking 6 to 10 months when ordering from the factory. Parent company, Thor Industries, reported during an earnings call that they had $8.92 billion worth of unfilled orders as of October 31st, 2020. The backlog of orders resulting in long waits to receive orders is causing increased demand for used Airstreams in good condition that are available immediately. If you are buying an Airstream, expect to pay a premium and reasonably priced trailers to sell fast.

Airstream historically raises prices in January (3%). Trailers that leave the factory after January 1st will reflect the new price. Two price increases in a year is not uncommon. We expect prices to be raised again in late spring 2021.

Airstream sales usually increase right after the new year as people begin planning for spring or summer camping. It is expected that the supply of used Airstreams will increase when some of the people who recently purchased a trailer during the pandemic decide that they are no longer interested in ownership. You may find lower prices if you delay your purchase, but there has been no sign of Airstream prices going down in the near future.

Blue Book

NADA provides used values of an Airstream back to 1966.

Kelley Blue Book does not provide used values of Airstream.

You will find that blue book values are more accurate for newer models of Airstream travel trailers, if you add the correct options. Blue book values for vintage trailers can be less reliable and require more research - including comparable sales, supply and demand, plus the condition of the recreational vehicle.

Airstream Blue Book Value

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Airstream For Sale


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Completed Sales

Looking at prices of Airstreams for sale can be deceiving because the final cost is often different than the advertised price after negotiations. It can be helpful to view the price of completed sales on Ebay auctions of Airstreams to see the actual sale price of comparable models. Follow this link to see recent "completed" sales of Airstream trailers:


Discussion Groups

Many Airstream fanatics participate within these groups. Share pictures, with full disclosure of any issues, and ask the group about the used value. They will offer many opinions of what an Airstream is worth.

Air Forums
Airstream Addicts

Vintage Airstream

An easy to use guide providing an archive of Airstream trailers.


Evaluating Price


Size of Airstream Travel Trailer

As a rule of thumb with vintage Airstreams, the smaller it is then the more demand there is for the trailer

Buying A New Airstream / Warranty

When buying a new Airstream travel trailer it is common for people to receive a 10 to 20% discount below MSRP.

Items built by Airstream have a 3 year warranty for the original owner. Appliances have a 1 to 2 year warranty depending on the manufacturer.

Cost of Airstream Repairs

The average repair is between 20 minutes to 1 hour long with an average labor rate of $150/hour.

Air Conditioner - $2000
Converter - $1200
Water pump - $150
LP Regulator - $150
Refrigerator board - $400
Refrigerator - $2200

How much is the down payment

When buying a new Airstream, people report the down payment can range from $1000 to $5000 with the remainder due upon taking possession.

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Travel Trailer

Airstream Blue Book Value

Basecamp Camper
Limited Camper
Overlander Camper
Tradewind Camper
Excella Motorhome
Interstate RV
23 Ft Flying Cloud Travel Trailer
Ambassador Travel Trailer
Bambi Travel Trailer
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Safari LS Travel Trailer
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Airstream Values

2008 Airstream Ocean Breeze
2009 Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB
2007 Airstream Safari
2018 Airstream Interstate
1977 Airstream Land Yacht Safari
2019 Airstream Sport
1977 Airstream International Trade Wind
1963 Airstream Ambassador
2015 Airstream Flying Cloud
1975 Airstream Land Yacht
2004 Airstream International CCD
1983 Airstream Excelsior
1965 Airstream Safari
2020 Airstream Flying Cloud
1973 Airstream Trade Wind