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About Social Networks

Social networking sites allow the user to register and create a profile for themselves. You can customize your profile with pictures, details and become friends with other members. Businesses use these networks to connect with people based on their type of business, industry, job roles, location or interests.

Type Of Social Network Sites


View tips and ideas. Digg is a content network that is driven by users who either "Digg it" (vote up) or "Bury it" (vote down) a story. As stories are digged more they rise to become the most popular. Stories that reach the home page receive a lot of visitors as Digg is one of the top 100 sites on the Internet. Additionally users can comment on stories and connect with friends across the network. You can track your friends stories and often friends Digg each other's stories. Users who are well established with a lot of friends often heavily influence which stories are most popular.

To begin, sign up and invite many different people to become friends with you at Digg. Then network with other members and submit new stories that are of interest to others. As you add new friends you can submit stories and generate increased popularity based on your networking. The following categories are provided by Digg - Technology, Science, World & Business News, Sports, Entertainment and Gaming. Each of these categories is further divided into sub categories.

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