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Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is typically used by human resource departments for employment. The test consists of 50 questions that are to be completed in 12 minutes. The score is calculated simply based off of the number of correct answers, the average typically being 20.

The Wonderlic test has the ability to analyze someoneís job potential, education potential, and training potential. The types of questions include analogies, direction following, judgement and logic. There is not a true way in which one can study for the test since it primarily is testing common sense.

Average Score By Profession:
Chemist: 31
Nurse: 23
Librarian: 27
Security Guard: 17
Cashier: 21

Ultimately, the wonderlic test is a very reliable test. It is one of the few tests that has the capability of measuring all aspects of a personís knowledge and ability to learn.

Sample Wonderlic Test Questions & Answers

Most of the free wonderlic tests provide sample questions and answers originally provided by Wonderlic Inc. The ESPN site provides an online form to fill out versus the others which are provided in printable PDF format. The website does provide additional sample questions and answers along with further information about taking the test.
This test at ESPN provides fifteen sample Wonderlic test questions and answers. This sample test takes 5 minutes to complete.
Interactive timed test consisting of 15 sample questions. Timer counts down from 3 minutes 36 seconds until you finish. Upon completing you are provided your score in comparison to an NFL player.
Free Wonderlic course including example Wonderlic questions and answers. Free course review includes information on the test, basic skills along with a quiz to practice online. | PDF
Sample Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) in printable PDF format.

Questions About The Wonderlic Test

Compare Tim Tebow's score of 22 on the Wonderlic test versus others

Average scores in some careers are -

31 - Chemist
29 - Programmer
26 - Newswriter
24 - Sales
22 - Bank teller
21 - Clerical Worker
17 - Security Guard
15 - Warehouse

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What Is The Wonderlic Test?
An employment and personnel test used for the purposes of recruitment to test and compare intelligence levels between canidates.

How long does the Wonderlic Test take to complete?
The Wonderlic Test is a twelve minute personnel test of cognitive ability and general intelligence.

How many points are possible on the Wonderlic test?
A total score of 50 points is possible.

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