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Free Typing Tests

How many words per minute can you type? Typing tests are an important tool that are often used by companies in order to determine not only typing speed, but accuracy as well. Most assistant and typist jobs (depending on the company) require a typing speed of at least 5055 words per minute. There are many different kinds of jobs that are great for typists. For example, a paralegal, freelance writer, and medical transcriptionist.

What Is Considered A Good Typing Speed:

3540 WPM: Beginner
4160 WPM: Intermediate
6190 WPM: Excellent
90100 WPM: Superstar

The best way to improve your typing speed and accuracy is simply lots of practice. Once you begin to feel comfortable, attempt to type without looking at the computer screen. With practice, this will increase your speed significantly. Here are some other ways in which one can increase their typing speed:

1. Technique: Your technique is an extremely important aspect when it comes to typing. Someone who is using proper technique, rather than the hunt and peck method, will have much more success not only with speed but accuracy as well.

2. Repetition: Muscle memory is a significant part of typing as well. By repeating the same motions over and over again, your brain will begin to sync the letters you are typing with what your fingers are doing.

3. Posture: Poor posture typically has a negative effect on your accuracy. Having good posture will not only increase your attention levels, but it will force your fingers to be in the correct position as well.

Here is a list of free typing tests online to practice and test your word per minute (wpm) speed.

Free Typing Program Downloads

KAZ Typing Guide
Sign up by providing your name and email and you are provided a download page that has a typing key guide which assists with learning the position of characters on the keyboard. Also provided for free is a typing test. Typing test evaluates speed and accuracy by randomnly selecting 20 phrases to type. Free Download.

Free Mavis Beacon Download Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a typing tutorial software program. Visit this link to download this typing software. Mavis Beacon provides typing classes and typing games to improve your speed and accuracy, including hard to reach keys. Free trial.

Free Online Typing Tests
Click start and you are presented a paragraph to type into a box. Typing speed results are then provided at the completion of the 30 second test.
Free typing test online which tests your words per minute (wpm) speed. Lesson content is displayed, and then you are provided 1 minute. Restart typing lesson any time to try again.
Free typing test game which scrolls words you type in. As you type the words the game rates your score and speeds up to increase your words per minute rating.
Typing speed tutor provided free as a Microsoft Windows software download. Learn touch typing through easy tutorial and test your wpm speed.
Create a free online account at Typing Web and use the account through the free trial signup. Web based application that provides a complete typing course, learning games, speed test, reports and stats plus printable certificate. International keyboard support.