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SAT Test

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is the standardized test most widely used by universities in the United States, however in most recent years the ACT has become more accepted. The test takes 3 hours and 45 minutes and costs $51 if you are a U.S. resident. There are three main sections, mathematics, critical reading, and writing.

Mathematics: The mathematics section contains two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section. The first 25-minute section consists of 20 multiple choice questions. The second 25-minute section consists of 8 multiple choice questions and 10 grid-in questions. Finally, the 20 minute-section consists of 16 multiple choice questions. Topics in the math section include number and operations, algebra and functions, geometry, statistics and a variety of other topics.

Critical Reading: The critical reading section is also made up of two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section. The bulk of this section requires the student to read a passage on a variety of different topics and answer questions based on those topics. This section also includes an extensive amount of vocabulary.

Writing: The writing section will measure not only your writing skills, but your critical thinking skill as well. There are multiple choice questions as well as one essay question. The multiple choice section requires you to identify grammatical errors and decide what changes would best improve sentences/paragraphs. You will then have 25-minutes to create a solid essay with a thesis, transitions and plenty of evidence defending your claims.

Each section is based on an 800 point scale, with a possible maximum score of 2400. However, the lowest score possible is only a 600. The exam is set up so that the questions in each section typically go from easiest to hardest.

The exam is offered 7 times a year by the College Board. The standard times for taking the test may be increased if you have a documented learning disability. The best way to succeed at this examination is to simply study for it. The more practice tests and courses you take the better prepared you will be for it.

Free SAT Practice Test Preparation

Who Provides The Best Free SAT Test Preparation

If you are looking for free SAT practice test questions and answers, then the first place you should stop is the official SAT web site. College Board provides free test preparation and quizzes available online, along with study guides for sale. Since these study preparation materials are provided by the College Board you are guaranteed that the questions and answers are approved and valid for your upcoming test date.

Test Preparation from College Board

Who Provides The SAT Test?
College Board is a non profit organization that serves students and colleges. In addition to providing the SAT test, College Board also provides the PSAT test and the Advanced Placement Programs (AP). College Board provides the official SAT practice test along with other test preparation tools.

The free SAT preparation resources provided by College Board include:

SAT Practice Questions
- Critical Reading
- Mathematics
- Writing

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Free SAT Subject Test Preparation

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Average SAT Test Scores

What are the average scores for each section of the SAT test

502 - Critical reading
515 - Mathematics
494 - Writing

Preparation for Subject Tests

SAT subject test preparation available from College Board

The number before each subject represents the mean average score

581 - Literature

588 - U.S. History
589 - World History

596 - Mathematics Level 1
639 - Mathematics Level 2

- Biology
   589 - Ecological
   630 - Molecular
630 - Chemistry
647 - Physics

Language Test

ELPT - English Language Proficiency Test