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The primary way of measuring students overall knowledge in the state of Florida is the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, otherwise known as the FCAT. The scores from the test are compiled in order to give each school a grade. If a school improves their grade, then they receive money from the state as a reward. This money must go to student improvement, typically teacher bonuses. The test subjects that are taken vary from grade to grade.

Every student in grades three through ten are required to take both the reading and the math sections. Science must be taken in grades five, eight, eleven and must take a written portion in grades four, eight and ten. However, Exceptional Students (ESE) are able to be exempted from FCAT requirement for graduation.

So what do you do if you have not passed the FCAT? If a student in the 10th grade does not pass the exam, then they are given five more attempts to pass. However, if after five attempts they do not pass and they have achieved all credits required for graduation, there is still a possibility of receiving a diploma if they achieved an adequate score on the SAT or ACT.

While the test may appear to be extremely beneficial, there are many different conflicting aspects of the religion. For example, many teachers now teach to the test rather than actually teaching the student important life skills and concepts. Another issue is that the bonuses takes funding away from schools that are in need (which typically get lower test scores). There are also students that may have different learning styles or may be poor test takers, resulting in lower grades.

FCAT Test Preparation & Sample Test Questions And Answers

About Sample FCAT Test Questions & Answers
Each year the Department of Education (DOE) releases a sample test book with questions and answers. Additionally, each year the sample test book and answer key book are archived and available for further test preparation. The archives are available from FL DOE web site.

Where Can I Find The Official Practice FCAT Tests
The Florida Department of Education provides -

2007-2008 FCAT Sample Test Book

Free Practice FCAT Test
A list of free practice FCAT tests

Popular Resources To View FCAT Results Online
Where can I find FCAT test scores that are printable

Where can I view FCAT test results

Common FCAT Facts & Myths

FCAT Test Review

6 Quick Facts About The Florida FCAT Test

Who takes the FCAT test
Students enrolled in Florida public schools, Grade 3 to 11.

How long does the FCAT take to complete
It takes 8 to 10 hours to complete, spread out over several days.

What subjects are covered within the FCAT test
Math, Science, Reading & Writing

What does FCAT stand for
Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

When was the FCAT started
Florida began using the FCAT test in all public schools in 1998.

How many students take the FCAT
In 2004, 1.6 million were tested between grades 3 to 10.

Who Started The FCAT
FCAT was created from the Florida State Legislature as part of an education reform plan during Jeb Bush's 8 year term as governor