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CDL Test

The Commercial Drivers License (CDL) test is required in order to drive any vehicle weighing more than 26,000 lbs. However, if you are transporting hazardous material you may be required to obtain a CDL as well. There are several “minimum requirements” that the government enforces.

In order to obtain a CDL, one must take a written test and pass with at least an 80%. There is also a driving test, where you are required to perform a variety of maneuvers successfully. Private institutions and facilities may be permitted by the state to conduct these tests, however the instructors must have the same certification as state officials.

Maneuverability Test: The maneuverability test analyzes three primary driving skills, and must be conducted in the vehicle of the applicant. The first task is pre­trip inspection, where you will be tested on your overall knowledge of the vehicle. The next part is vehicle control where the applicant be instructed to move forwards, backwards, and around cones successfully. Finally, the examiner accompanies the driver on the road, which tests the ability to successfully turn across lanes and merge on highways.

Written Test: The written test contains questions in many different areas concerning larger commercial vehicles. This test consists of general knowledge as well as vehicle specifics, such as hydraulic or air brakes. Each state has a different format of the test, even though all of the questions are essentially the same. The best way to prepare for the written test is to take lots of practice tests and understand the concepts, not just memorize the answers Free CDL Training Information & Practice Tests
A list of free CDL practice tests

Test Preview

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Provides online courses and worksheets for test preparation. This section allows you to select from a variety of topics to complete sample CDL test questions and answers to evaluate your understanding. Website also includes helpful resources for further learning.

Questions & Answers

The following CDL test topic areas are covered within the Test Preview website -

Air Brakes
  • Endorsement I
  • Endorsement II
Combination Vehicles

Doubles and Triples

Hazardous Materials

Tank Vehicles

General Knowledge
  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Level III
On-Road Driving Test

  • Inspection I
  • Inspection II
School and Coach-Transit Bus
  • Pre-Trip
  • Endorsement
  • Cargo Safely
  • Passengers

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Free Practice CDL Test Question & Answers

4 Free CDL Test

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This site provides sample CDL test question and answers online. Air Brakes Test Questions - Currently there are over 30 Q&A sets, although the website does note that more will be added to eventually provide 90. Web site states that it is a free service supported by sponsor advertisers.

Questions & Answers
View question and then select the radio button for the correct answer. As you select each answer you are prompted by a popup box whether your answer is correct or not.

Test Answers

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Test Answers provides a variety of sample CDL test question answers to practice before your test. In addition to the following CDL practice tests, members who join their website also may access additional test information including tips. Questions and answers within the free sample CDL practice tools are replicated between each one.

Flash Cards
Flashcard style questions and answers. View the questions then click on "Flip Card" to view the answer. Click "Next" or "Previous" to view multiple questions. Select "Shuffle" to rearrange order of questions.

Matching Game
9 question and answers are provided to match together. View the first question then click the appropriate answer. As you progress, answers to questions are based on the remaining selections.

Crossword Puzzle
Online CDL practice crossword game. As you are preseneted questions along with a crossword puzzle you fill in the blanks. You are prompted if you are correct or wrong as you answer questions. Limited to 3 questions.

Pick A Letter
A CDL practice game similar to Wheel of Fortune. You are presented a question. As you select letters that are contained within the answer you gain points.

Fill In The Blank
Type answers to questions in the blank space provided. Select "Hint" and it will give you the next letter to the answer.

Fact Cards
10 question and answer statements provided on the same card. Select next to view each, or shuffle to reoder the facts.