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Free Personality Tests

There are many personality tests out there that analyze the way you will react in certain situations and what your psychological makeup is. The first personality tests were thought to have been developed in the 1920's.

The most common personality test is the "self-report" tactic where you will be asked a series of questions and respond based on how you feel about them. Many tests will simply ask if you agree with statements while others will ask which item or situation you prefer over another. Another way of analyzing ones psychological preferences is by using a "scale-rating" system where the test-taker will respond by saying to which level they agree with a statement (Typically uses 0-5 or 0-10 ranges).

Many corporate human resource departments will use personality tests to see where people will fit best in their company. For example, if someone has a very outgoing personality they may want to put them in an area where there are more outgoing people. However, they may also place them in a place where there are more reserved workers in order to balance out the environment.

The most common personality tests are the Myers Brigg Type Indicator, Enneagram, and Type A/B test. Many simple personality tests can be found for free online however others may require a small upfront fee. If conducted by a human resource department, you typically will not encounter any type of fee.


Online Personality Tests

A list of free personality tests available online. Myers-Briggs, Wonderlic and other career aptitude tests are also available. Start out with some fun online personality tests that are quick and easy to complete. Are you looking for some fun personality tests you can take online for free? Here we list many different personality tests available. This includes simple and quick ones, along with career aptitude. Select Myers-Briggs for additional personality tests online.
Free NERIS Type Explorer takes less than 12 minutes to complete. Results are provided online and identify one of sixteen different personality types based on the individual's responses to the test questions.
Temperament Sorter Personality Test - A 70 question test that helps individuals identify their personality type.
Discover your personality type with this online test which asks 68 questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete. After completing the test you are provided your personality type.

Free personality tests. Includes Indie, Cerebral, Personality Disorder, Maslow, Locus of Control, Freudian, Eysenck, Cattell, Career, Geographic.

Select A Picture Personality Test
Select from nine images which one you like best and read a description of your personality type. Quickest and easiest online personality test.

Free Color Personality Test
What are your true colors? This simple test presents you with 8 different colors. You select the color that makes you feel the best. After you select the first one, you continue to do so until there are no remaining colors. After completing the test you are provided a description of your personality type online.
Free Color Personality Test - Download this simple and fun color personality test which walks you through a process were you select which colors you like best. The computer then analyzes the color selections you made and provides you with the test results.

Fun Personality Tests
Includes different tests to analyze the freaky side of life. Includes Star Wars, Morality, Freak Test. A Twin personality test allows two users to take personality tests online and then compare their personality types.
Various online tests for fun. Tests include ... Human resource department, Priority test, Symbols test, Stress pictures, Handwriting analysis.