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Free IQ Test

There are many different standardized tests that can measure one’s IQ or “intelligence quotient”. The median raw score for IQ is 100 and about 95% of the population scores between 70 and 130. There are many factors that have been associated with IQ, primarily mortality and social status.

The most common IQ test is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. The tests typically have a very high statistical probability. There are several studies that prove that overall IQ begins to depreciate starting in beginning adulthood. However, an exact peak age for the overall world population is still unknown.

IQ is both environmentally and hereditary. However, it is difficult to prove that a high IQ is hereditary because children typically grow up in the same kind of environment that their parents did.

It is believed that William James Sidis had one of the worlds highest IQ’s with an IQ ranging between 250-300. He knew over 40 different languages and went to Harvard at age 11. Other geniuses include Stephen Hawking (IQ 160), Judit Pulgar (IQ 170), and Kim Ong-Yung (IQ 210).

Mensa Test Quiz
A free practice online quiz provided by Mensa. 30 questions. Time does not impact score, but 30 minute time limit in place.

Other IQ Tests

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Free online IQ test that takes 15 minutes to complete.

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Free IQ test online. 36 question multiple choice timed test. Upon completion IQ score is provided free with an option to buy a more extensive report.

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Free online IQ test that provides comparisons versus other users who have also taken the test. IQ score results are provided on a graph to compare.

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Free to take IQ test, but costs $10 to receive score results.

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