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Are There Any Websites That Provide A Free License Plate Lookup
Q. Is It Possible To Do A Reverse License Plate Look Up?
A. Yes. Although there are not any free license plates look up websites online, there are paid services available. Examples of this include hiring or using a private investigator (PI) service -
  • Do A Paid Search
All of these options cost money. And the more service involved the more expensive. A local and online private investigator is going to likely use similar industry databases to search records.

An example of a paid search service is Abika.

With this website you enter the license plate, state and reason for search. Once you complete the fields and click next you will see the fees for that search. Fees and response times vary based upon search. You may search based upon License Plate Number, Plate Tag or VIN Number.

What Are The Results Of A License Plate Look Up Search?

The search provides current information that typically will include the persons first and last name along with street address, vehicle registration along with the date it expires, the type of car or truck including the manufacturer make and model, the vehicle identification number, state title number, and the name of the vehicle's lien holder.

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There are no online websites providing free license plate reverse searches

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