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Quick Retirement Speech Ideas

This tool will assist you with customizing the sample retirement speech.

Check each section of the speech you would like to include. If all are selected, the sample speech length is 10 to 12 minutes.

Tell a joke, use humor to lighten the mood
Tell a funny story about when you first started
Compare differences between when you started versus now
Reflect on important events and accomplishments
Give recognition to staff, managers, friends and family
Tell what your future plans are
Mention that you will keep in touch
Give thanks for gifts, best wishes, party

Make A List Of All Good Things
Sit down and start a stop watch or timer for 5 minutes. Make a list of all the good things based on your experiences. When the 5 minutes is up, continue until you are satisfied with your list. Use this list for the foundation of your retirement speech.

Retirement Jokes & Humor Tips
Connect using humor in your speech

Speech Writing Tips & Resources
More free sample speeches, tips, sites