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Where To Find Free Retirement Jokes

Comedy Central
There are many joke sites online that you can find business and retirement jokes for free. One of the best is Comedy Central which allows you to view jokes by category. You can also search by the type of joke. While Comedy Central does not have any categories specific to retirement many can be used/adapted including jokes for business, lawyer/attorney, tech worker, men vs women. Other criteria also include filtering to view only jokes in a format such as Top 10.

Suggested Filter For Retirement Jokes
Top 10, Story, Article, One Liner, Question & Answer, Sketch

Tips To Write Humorous Retirement Speeches

Toastmasters - Wikia
Humor at the beginning of your speech can help you get the attention of your audience with a light hearted tone.

There are several common types of humor and it is a good idea to become familiar with humor and jokes before you deliver a dud. Visit the Toast master Wikia to review how you can use the following within your retirement speech -

Types of Humor
  • Word Play
  • Understatement
  • Sequence of Events
  • Gross Exaggeration
  • Personal Anecdotes
Additionally, their site provides tips on writing your speech including a "choose your topic" section that has ideas.

Examples include tips on making your jokes personal by adapting them.