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Classic Car Blue Book 
Value Of A 1986 Cosica El Camino 76,000 Miles Excellent Inside & Out Two-tone Grey

Classic Car Blue Book

Where To Find Free Classic Car Values & Old Car Pricing

The following provides an outline of availability of classic car blue book prices.

NADA Guides
Blue book provides classic car values online for free. Select based on -
  • Collectible Cars
  • Special Interest Cars
  • Exotic Cars
  • Trucks, Vans & SUVs
  • Muscle Cars
  • Sports Cars
  • Luxury Cars
  • Passenger Cars
Used pricing is provided for passenger cars and trucks from 1926 to 1990. Special interest cars are valued from 1946 to 2010. The book publication is updated 3 times per year (January, May, September) and costs $74.00 per year or $37.00 for a single copy.

Manheim Gold
Discontinued during 2010. Select "Price Guide" to access free values for classic cars from Manheim Gold. When viewing old car pricing, you may specify the year or make then designate the vehicle from there. Database spans from 1886 to 2003 and includes a large number of collectible and classic car values derived from several major auctions each year.

What Determines If A Car Is Considered A Classic Car

The year a car is manufactured determines whether a car is considered to be a classic by the blue book publications. For example, both Kelley Blue Book NADA classifies any car or truck over 20 years old into their classic category. That means all cars manufactured from 1989 and earlier. KBB only publishes values of cars back to 1946, while NADA's prices date back another 20 years to 1926. If you are looking for a value of a car older than 1926 there is not a source available online.

Where Can I Purchase A Classic Car Blue Book

NADA Guides
Classic Car Guide
Current: May 2010
Next: September 2010
Cost: $74 per year (3)
Range: 1926 to 1990

Kelley Blue Book
Early Model Guide
Current: July 2010
Next: January 2011
Cost: $60 per year
Range: 1946 to 1988

Do Kelley Blue Book Or Edmunds Publish Classic Car Values

Kelley Blue Book
Kelly Blue Book does provide blue book values for classic cars under the title "Early Model Guide", but these prices are not published online at []. You may be able to find a copy of the latest classic car blue book published at your local bookstore or library.

The Kelley Blue Book Early Model Guide provides suggested retail values of cars manufactured between 1946 to 1988 based on fair, good and excellent condition. This book is published twice a year in January and July and costs $60.00 per year for a subscription.

Edmunds only publishes used car pricing online dating back to 1990, and provides appraisels for cars from 1980 to 1989. Edmunds does not publish values for old or classic cars beyond these years.

Does Anyone Provide Used Blue Book Values Of Collector Cars

Collector Car Market Review
Provides pricing of classic cars from 1946 to 1979. Select manufacturer, then year and model. You will then be provided a webpage with pricing based on scale of 1 to 5. See [Conditions Guide] for assistance with scale of blue book values. Used prices are available for collector cars manufactured from 1946 to 2010.

NADA Guides Collectible Cars
Select collectible car manufacturer then year and model to view prices. Blue book values are available for collector cars manufactured from 1946 to 2010.

Classic Car Blue Book
Blue Book
Kelly Blue BookNoYes
NADA GuidesYesYes