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Which ATV Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides provide blue book values for ATVs online.

What Year Is Your ATV

The year your ATV was manufactured will determine the blue book sources with used values available. NADA Guide only publishes ATV values online from 2004 to 2010, so if your ATV is 2003 or older you are limited to Kelley Blue Book to get a free value of your ATV online. If your ATV was manufactured between 2004 and 2010, then check both NADA and KBB to get values of your ATV. Since each company has a proprietary method to determine their used values, you may find that one publication values your ATV higher than the other. Next are instructions on using each source to determine your blue book value.

Kelley Blue Book ATV Values
KBB lists ATV and four wheeler prices under the motorcycle section. Upon navigating to the motorcycle section you will be prompted to select trade in value or the retail value. Then select the year (1970 - 2010) and the manufacturer (i.e. Polaris). You will then be provided links for each model (i.e. Hawkeye 4x4) which upon selecting you will be provided the blue book price based on good condition. Mileage, condition and specifications may also need to be considered to value your ATV.

NADA Blue Book ATV Values
This is only applicable if your ATV was manufactured from 2004 to 2010. NADA lists ATVs under a section within their motorcycle category. Upon selecting the ATV category you are provided a list of ATV manufacturers in alphabetical order. Select the ATV manufacturer and then year (2004 - 2010). You will then be provided the ATV model, trim to view a detailed listing including bluebook pricing. Select options to view specifications and specify further details along with viewing a price list for parts.

Compare Values Of ATVs Manufactured Between 2004 - 2010
Since both KBB & NADA provide free online blue book pricing for ATVs manufactured between 2040 and 2010, we recommend checking both sources along with others to compare the blue book values determined by each company. You may also want to research current prices on other websites such as Ebay auctions.

ATV Blue Book
Blue Book
Kelly Blue BookYesYes
NADA GuidesYesYes
ATV Blue Book Availability By Year
Blue Book
ATV1970 to 20102004 to 2010