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Window Cleaning Contract
As a Window Cleaning Contractor you will need to have your Clients fill out this contact before you begin work on a work order. After you have completed the work order submit the completed Window Cleaning Contract to your supervisor for his approval to continue working with the client.

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Window Cleaning Contract TemplateForm 1363
Format: Word PDF
Category: Occupation, Miscellaneous
Type: Contract
Window Cleaning Contract

This agreement for Window Cleaning Services between ________________________________________________

(hereafter referred to as “Client”) and ___________________________________________ (hereafter

referred to as “Contractor”) is made and entered into upon the following date:


The property to be cleaned is located at:

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: __________________

The above mentioned parties hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

The Contractor will perform the following services as described below:

___ Clean the exterior window panes

___ Clean the interior window panes

___ Clean the screens on the windows

___ Clean the light fixtures

___ Clean the glass shower doors

___ Other: ____________________________________________________________________________________

The Client will pay the Contractor $_______ on the first day of each month for the above listed

services to be performed.

The Contractor will begin performing the Window Cleaning Services on ___/___/_____. Thereafter, the

Window Cleaning Services shall be performed on a mutually agreed upon schedule.

Either party may terminate this contract with a written notice. Any payment for the above

mentioned services owed by the Client shall be due and payable at the time the agreement is terminated.

If there is any litigation that is needed between the Client and Contractor it shall be filed and tried in the Contractor’s local jurisdiction.

In agreement to the above mentioned terms and conditions the Client and a representative of the Contractor shall sign below:

Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of ______________ in ________________

County and any applicable Federal Law.

Signature of Client: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

Signature of Contractor:________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____