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Tax Template for Expenses
As the controller you are responsible for tracking all tax documents for the firm. Attached you will find our Tax Template that will help you with collecting all the proper forms and organizing them for the third party accounting firm to verify all expense statements and taxes.

Free Sample Template
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Tax Template for Expenses TemplateForm 2023
Format: Word PDF
Category: Business, Tax
Type: Template

Tax Template for Expenses

Tax Year: ____________________

Prepared by: _____________________________________

Gross Income



To Date

To Year End

Full Year

Taxable wages/salaries

Taxable dividends and interest

Net business income (loss)

Net capital gain (loss)

Net rent income (loss)

Net partnership income (allowable loss)

Other income (loss)

Total Gross Income

Adjustments to Gross Income



To Date

To Year End

Full Year

Alimony paid

IRA payments

Keough plan payments

Other adjustments

Total Adjustments

Adjusted Gross Income

Allowable Itemized Deductions



To Date

To Year End

Full Year



Mortgage interest paid

Charitable contributions

Casualty and theft losses

Unreimbursed moving expenses

Unreimbursed employee business expenses

Misc. deductions

Total Itemized Deductions

Standard Deduction

Greater of itemized or standard deduction

Value of exemptions

Number of allowable exemptions

Total Deductions and Exemptions

Taxable income

Tax bracket

Targeted taxable income

Targeted tax bracket