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Employee Self Evaluation
As the manager of your department you may be required to administer an Employee Self Evaluation process. The attached template may be handed out at the end of the third quarter of the fiscal year and is due three weeks after it is received by the employee. At which time management will sit down with each employee and review their completed Employee Self Evaluation.

Free Sample Template
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Employee Self Evaluation TemplateForm 1315
Format: Word PDF
Category: Employee, Evaluation
Type: Appraisal

Employee Self Evaluation

Name: _____________________________________________________________ Date of Review: ___/___/_____

Job Title: ______________________________________ Department: ____________________________________

Start Date of Position: ___/___/_____ Review Period: _________________________________________________

Direct Manager’s Name: ____________________________________________ Title: ________________________

Major Areas of Responsibility :

These usually relate to the major activities that you perform while on your job. Also, please note any noteworthy accomplishments.

Primary Performance Expectations: Responsibilities and Goals

Notes and Comments on Achievements and or Areas for Improvement

Performance Competencies :

These skills and behaviors are important to most employees. Additional skills and behaviors may be added if they are needed. Please review and consider how you may have demonstrated these in your job and what areas you can improve on.

Competency Area

Notes and Comments on Competency Areas and Suggestions for Areas of Improvement

Taking Responsibility: Completes assignments in an accurate and thorough timely manner.

Customer Focus: Is dedicated and loyal to meeting customer expectations.

Problem Solving and Creativity: Identifies and analyzes problems in an effective and efficient manner.

Teamwork: Uses diplomacy to maintain a harmonious working environment.

Communication Skills: Is able to effectively communicate to meet organizational goals; shares information openly.

Growth and Development Plan :

Please describe two or three of your strengths and two growth or development opportunities that you would like to work on.


Growth and Development Opportunities:

What is the plan of action for the employee?

How can the manager support these growth opportunities?

Employee’s Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

Manager’s Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____