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Scholarship Rejection Letter
When you are writing a scholarship rejection letter you may use this template as a starting point to reply to the applicant. It is important to clearly state which scholarship you are writing about in addition to appreciation for their interest and a statement that they were not awarded the scholarship. If there are other scholarship award opportunities available in the future you should note those as well.

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Scholarship Rejection Letter TemplateForm 3952
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Scholarship Rejection Letter

[Your Name]


[City, State, Zip]

[Date of letter]

[Recipientís Name]


[Company Name]


[City, State, Zip]

Dear [Recipientís name],

I am writing to you today to thank you for your application to the following scholarship:


We had a very large number of outstanding applicants this year. We regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the scholarship award that you applied for this year.

We wish you the very best and you may reapply for next yearís scholarship after the first of the New Year. Thank you for your interest in our scholarship and providing us the opportunity to get to know you. Take care and please do reapply next year.

Best regards,

[Your Signature]