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Tips About Fonts To Create A Good Resume
Do not use more than two different fonts.
Use font styles and sizes consistently.

3 Ways To Create Your Next Resume
(a) Write It Yourself (b) Use A Service (c) Use Software

Blank Resume Templates
Website Rating Printable MS Word MS Works Wordperfect PDF Comments
Microsoft 9 Yes Yes No No No Templates by basic, job or situation. 150+
College Grad 8 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Resume templates by college major. 35+

Free Examples Of Resumes
Website Rating Printable MS Word MS Works Wordperfect PDF Comments 7 No No No No No Samples of resumes viewable online. 80+
Vault 7 No No No No No Lists sample resumes by profession. 30+
eResumes 6 No No No No No Critiques of resumes before vs after. 30+

Free Resume Builder Programs

Pongo Resume - Free trial allows you to create a resume online with a popular resume builder program - Free version allows you to create and store online up to two resumes using one of two template selections.

GetResume - Free trial download allows you to create unlimited resumes along with a template, samples and guide.

Free Resume Manager Programs

Sarm Soft - Free evaluation version can work with up to 100 resumes and 3 users may be used to the Resume Manager.

Resume Sample Format

Common Details

Optional Details


About References
Instead of listing references on your resume, create a separate page listing your references that you can provide to those who request it.

Cover Letter
Do not duplicate the same info contained in your resume.

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HR/Human Resources
- Blank Resume
- Job Application
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- Attendance Sheet
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- Time Sheet
- Expense Report
- Tax Forms
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- Estimate
- Bill of Sale
- Consignment

- Invoice
- Receipt
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- Bill of Lading
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- Promissory Note
- Credit Agreement
- Liability Release
Indsutry Forms
- Construction
- Lawn Care
Legal & Agreements
- Power of Attorney
- Last & Living Wills

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