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Office Key Form
When you are passing out office keys it is important to have your lessee sign out all office keys. With these forms you will document when keys are signed out and returned. Along with a signature that acknowledges that a fee will be paid for any lost or stolen keys.

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Office Key Form TemplateForm 1045
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Office Key Forms

Key Check Out:

Last Name: _______________________________________ First Name: ___________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________ Email: _______________________________________

Employee ID #: ____________________________________ Supervisor: ___________________________________

Office: _________________________ Building: _________________________ Key #:______________________

I do hereby acknowledge that I am aware of and understand the company key policy.

Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________

Date: ___/___/_____

Office Personnel Initials: ___________

All keys that are issued are the responsibility of the above signed and shall not be loaned to a third party.

A $75 per key administrative fee will be assessed for any lost or stolen keys.

The above signed is required to return all keys in their name to the above initialed Office Personnel.

Key Return:

Employee Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________

Date: ___/___/_____

Office: _________________________ Building: _________________________ Key #:______________________

Office Personnel Initials: ___________