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Multiple Offer Template
It can be a stressful situation to receive multiple offers on a property. The following Multiple Offer Template will help you set guidelines with prospective buyers so that you are ultimately able to receive the best offer.

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Multiple Offer Template TemplateForm 3259
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Category: Occupation, Real Estate
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Multiple Offer Template

Date: ___/___/_____

Description of Property: _________________________________________________________________________

Name of Purchaser: _____________________________________________________________________________

Selling Broker / Agent: ________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________________________

Dear Purchaser,

We are involved in a multiple offer situation on the above referenced property.

All offers will be considered subject to the following terms: no verbal offers will be considered or accepted.

The Listing Broker / Agent must receive your written offer no later than: ___/___/_____ by ___:___ AM / PM

The delivery of such offer may be faxed to me:

Listing Broker / Agent: ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________________ Fax Number: ___________________________________

The Listing Broker will present all of the written offers to the Seller no later than the following day.

The following Terms and Conditions will be applicable to you and to any offer:


If the Seller accepts the Purchaserís offer and such offer does not result in a closed sale of the above referenced property, the Seller may, with complete and absolute discretion, re-open negotiations with any purchaser. Seller may also request that the Listing Broker / Agent to solicit new offers. None of the provisions in this form are intended to or shall be construed to limit in any way a Sellerís rights or remedies available under any applicable law, rule, regulation, or ordinance, or any sales contract entered into for the sale of the property.

By signing this form all signatories are acknowledging their understanding and acceptance of all terms and conditions in this form. This Multiple Offer form must be fully executed and submitted to Listing Broker / Agent no later than the date and time designated above for the transmittal of offers. Failure to transmit in a timely this fully executed form may prevent your offer from being considered.

Purchaserís Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

Purchaserís Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____