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Free Liability Release Forms

Businesses and Organizations, such as churches and sports clubs that sponsor events, need to avoid liability for claims of injury or damage during participation in activities and events. A form titled "Liability Release Form" is used to obtain the participant's agreement to waive any future claim against the sponsoring entity for unforeseen injury or harm. For businesses in high-risk activities, it is recommended that the regulations of the state the business is conducted in be investigated and legal advice sought for the specific activities.

Liability Release Form

Name of Business or Organization


Activity or Event


Participant's Name


I understand that participation in the above Activity or Event may be hazardous for the above-named participant.

In signing below, I assume risk of harm or injury which may occur to the participant as a result of participating in the above-named event or activity. I hereby release (business or organization name) ________________ and its officers, employees, or agents from any liability, costs and damages resulting this individual's participation.

If the participant is a minor:

I agree that the minor has my consent to participate in the event or activity.

I also give my consent for the business or organization to seek emergency treatment for the minor if necessary, and I agree to accept financial responsibility for the costs related to this emergency treatment.

__________________________ / ____________
Participant's signature / Date

Name of Parent or Guardian

__________________________ / _____________
Signature of Parent/Guardian / Date

Elements needed in each Liability Release Form:

Name of Organization or Business

Activity or Event

Participant's Name

Statement that participant (or parent or guardian) understands that there are risks involved in the activity or event

Statement releasing organization or business from claims for cost or liability arising from participation in the activity or event

Permission from parent or guardian for a minor to participate

Consent from parent or guardian for organization to obtain emergency treatment for a minor

Signature of Participant and Date

Or, if participant is a minor, Parent/Guardian's name and signature and date

Download Free Liability Release Forms
Free Liability Release Forms

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