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A Collection Of Forms And Templates For The Landscaping Industry

Landscaping Estimate

Landscaping Contract

Proposal for Landscaping

Tree Removal Estimate

Landscaping Schedule

Garden Tool Rental Agreement

Tree Removal Contract

Maintenance Report Card

Equipment Maintenance

New Customer Questionnaire

Herbicide Record Log

Subcontractor Daily Report

Company Reference

Establish & Maintain Your Home Lawn | Mississippi
A free guide published by Mississippi State University and U.S. Department of Agriculture. Includes maintenance schedule for Mississippi lawn care along with a table displaying turf grass tolerance to herbicides and estimated preemergence control of weeds.

Types of lawncare and landscaping services

Partial lawn care
The homeowner completes part of lawn care while the service provider completes the other part.

Total lawn care
The lawn care company provides all lawn care maintenance.

Total landscape
In addition to total lawn care, the company provides landscaping.