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Invitation to Bid Form
If you would like to have companies submit a bid for your work project you can fill out this Invitation to Bid Form and present all potential candidates with the Invitation to Bid. After you send out the invitation you will receive responses within the week. You can then log all your responses to your Invitation to Bid Form and see who is the best candidate.

Free Sample Template
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Invitation to Bid Form TemplateForm 1405
Format: Word PDF
Category: Occupation, Construction
Type: Bid
Invitation to Bid Form

[Your Name]
[City, State, Zip]

[Date of letter]

[Recipientís Name]
[Company Name]
[City, State, Zip]

Re: Invitation to Submit Bid for _________________________ owned by __________________________________ And designed by _____________________________________.

Dear [Recipientís name],

I am writing to you today to inform you that you are hereby invited to submit a sealed bid as the general contractor on a contract for the construction of the above listed project. That project will consist of the following:


Located at:

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________ State: ________________ Zip Code: _____________________

Otherwise known as: ____________________________________________________________________________

Copies of the contract documents are available at my office at the above listed address. To be considered you must submit a final bid with any necessary supporting materials to support your proposed bid as a reasonable and accurate assessment of the above listed project. The bid must be received at the above listed address no later than ___/___/_____.

Best regards,

[Your Signature]