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Golf Cart Rental
A golf cart rental agreement can be used to make sure that the terms of the service provided, including rates and usage requirements, are known and understood prior to the golf cart being released. Include pricing and your standard rental terms to complete the form for use at your golf course or other facility.

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Golf Cart Rental TemplateForm 3448
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Golf Cart Rental Agreement

[The Golf Cart Company Name]


[City, State Zip Code]

[Phone Number]


The Golf Cart Renter:



[City, State Zip Code]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

Normal golf cart wear and tear is to be expected while renting the golf cart, however, abuse or damage to the golf cart is the responsibility of the above referenced golf cart Renter.

It will be the responsibility of the Renter to pay for any costs that are the result of any accident, vandalism, fire and or theft to the golf cart.

The golf cart Renter will also be responsible for the routine maintenance of the golf cart for the entire term of this agreement, including, but not limited to the oil, tire air pressure, etc.

The Renter will not allow anyone below the age of sixteen to drive the golf cart and allow only those with a valid driverís license to operate the vehicle.

The Golf Cart Company has the right to terminate this Golf Cart Rental Agreement and take possession of the vehicle for any reason at anytime.

The Renter of the golf cart shall hold The Golf Cart Company harmless as well as their agents, employees and affiliates from all losses, damages and or liabilities including but not limited to any legal and litigation fees which may occur due to the Renter using the golf cart.

The reservations for a golf cart may be cancelled with a full refund with at least a fourteen day notice. If the reservation is not cancelled fourteen days prior to the rental day the Renter will be charged a $75 cancellation fee.

Your credit card will be charged at the time of reserving your golf cart.

Rental Fee










[___] Attached is my check or money order for the total amount due

[___] Please charge my credit card for the total amount due

Credit Card Type: [___] Visa [___] MasterCard [___] American Express [___] Discover

Credit Card Number: ___________________________________________________

Expiration Date: ___/___/_____ Card Code: _______

Credit Card Billing Zip Code: ____________________

I hereby certify that I have read, agree and fully understand the terms and conditions as set forth in this Golf Cart Rental Agreement. If paying by credit card, I authorize The Golf Cart Company to charge the rental fee to the credit card as provided above.

Signature: ___________________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

Print Name

Billing Address

City, State Zip Code

Phone Number

Driver License #:


The Golf Cart Company USE ONLY

Cart Serial Number:

Date Paid In Full: ___/___/_____