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Employee Skills Assessment
The following management template form will help you asses the skills of your employees. This will help them to visualize what they need to work on in order to improve performance. Customize the column to the right based on the job description and evaluation requirements of your manager. At the beginning of the assessment review the form with the manager so they are familiar with what you are evaluating. Set a time frame that you will be assessing the employee. At the completion, review the form along with the supporting documentation with the employee.

Free Sample Template
Format: Word PDF
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Employee Skills Assessment TemplateForm 3013
Format: Word PDF
Category: Employee, Training
Type: Assessment

Employee Skill Assessment

Date: ___/___/_____

Employee Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Department: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Supervisor Conducting the Assessment: _____________________________________________________________

Skills and Competencies

Notes and Comments On Competency Areas

Financial Acumen: GAAP knowledge demonstration, effectively implements company accounting and finance policies.

Business Knowledge: Demonstrates accuracy and understands the departmentís mission and goals.

HR and Payroll: Has the ability to understand and fully integrate related programs and or process changes involving ORACLE and SIS systems.

Managing and Measuring Work Load: Assigns responsibility for tasks and decisions.

Hiring and Staffing: Is a good judge of talent and potential. Recruits and hires the best people from within the company or outside the organization.

Delegating: Is comfortable and effectively delegates tasks with various levels of importance. Trusts people to perform. Does not micro manage direct reports.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusiveness: Manages a diverse group of people well. Promotes equality and fair treatment of team members.

Developing Self and Others: Provides challenging assignments and holds frequent development discussions with all direct reporting employees.

Supervisorís Signature: ________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____