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Employee Review

Printable Blank Forms

This page provides written examples of employee evaluations.

Select the following link if you would like free employee evaluation forms.

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Free Employee Review Software


Free Trial 14 Day Trial
ManagerAssistant requires you to sign up for a free trial of fully functional version for fourteen day use. Purchase is required after fourteen day trial. This employee management software has an extensive section for easily creating professional looking employee reviews in minutes. The software program allows you to create employee reviews as a pdf attachment and send each as an email. Ratings automatically self calculate. The program includes a toolbar which allows you to modify categories, ratings and weighting of averages to customize the review to your unique scenario. The software functionality also includes spell check, thesauras for sample words, print preview. A quick copy function allows you to take one review and use it as a starting point for a new review so you can save time when creating multiple employee reviews. You can also customize with business and employee's name in title. Includes graphs, goals, incident reporting, accomplishments module.

Sample Employee Reviews

Samples Of Completed Employee Reviews

Website Type Rating Printable MS Word MS Excel PDF Comments
Wiley Variety 9 Yes Yes No No 32+ examples of reviews. Book companion.
SpeakStrong Superlatives 4 Yes No No Yes Exaggerated employee review phrases

Free Employee Evaluation Forms

Blank Sample Employee Reviews
Free printable employee review evaluation forms including templates and blank forms you can customize for your business.
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  • PDF
Free Tips To Complete Employee Reviews
Things to consider before, during and after the review

Three Different Ways To Complete A Review
Do it yourself. Use a web application. Outsource to HR company.