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Dog Training Contract
As the lead dog trainer you are responsible for having each new client sign a Dog Training Contract. Go over the contract with each new client and make sure they understand the Dog Training Contract Terms & Conditions. After the client has signed the Dog Training Contract make a copy and give it to them and keep the original on file in your office.

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Dog Training Contract TemplateForm 1828
Format: Word PDF
Category: Home Life, Pet Care
Type: Contract

Dog Training Contract

Class Dates: ___/___/_____ - ___/___/_____ Time: ___:___ AM / PM

Owner Information :

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: ______________ Zip Code: ________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

Dog Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Breed: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Age: ____________________________________________ Sex: _________________________________________

Neutered / Spayed: ________________________________ Color: _______________________________________

Vet Office: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________________________

Dog Information :

My dog spends most of the time: ___ Inside ___ Outside

How often do you work with your dog on obedience per week? __________________________________________

Please describe the general behavior of your Dog:

In your house: _________________________________________________________________________________

In your car: ____________________________________________________________________________________

In your yard: ___________________________________________________________________________________

General reaction to strangers: _____________________________________________________________________

General reaction to children: ______________________________________________________________________

Has your dog ever bitten a person or another dog: ___ Yes ___ No If your answer is yes, please describe the incident:



Please circle the following obedience problems that you would like to correct:

Reactions towards people

Jumping over fences

Reactions towards other dogs

Excessive barking


Destructive Chewing

Going to the bathroom in the house


Jumping up on people

Digging in the garbage

Getting up on furniture

Car sickness

I do hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions of this Dog Training Contract:

I understand that the attendance of all Dog Training Classes is not without risk to myself and or members of my family or guests that may attend a Dog Training Class. This is due to the fact that the dogs in the Dog Training Class may be difficult to control and may be the cause of injury even if they are handled with a great deal of care.

I hereby certify that my dog is physically fit and has no medical conditions which may prevent full participation in any of the Dog Training Class. I agree to bring my dog in a clean manner and free from any fleas and parasites before the first day of class. I will also provide the trainer with proof that my dog has received all required vaccinations and these vaccinations will remain current throughout the duration of all classes.

The class payment is non-refundable and if a check is returned for any reason I hereby agree to pay a $20 returned check fee.

Client Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____