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Breach of Contract Complaint
This sample breach of contract complaint template provides you with a structure to outline your issues related to the contract in place. It is important to define the terms of the contract and the actions taken contrary to the contract.

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Breach of Contract Complaint TemplateForm 1675
Format: Word PDF
Category: Legal, Statement
Type: Contract

Breach of Contract Complaint


Index #: 12345-0987




[City, State Zip Code]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]




[City, State Zip Code]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

This Breach of Contract Complaint of the above named Plaintiff respectfully shows and alleges the following breach of contract:

The Plaintiff a resident of the State of __________________, resides at the above listed address.

The Defendant has a principal place of business at:

Name of Business: ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________ State: _____________ Zip Code: _____________________

The primary business that the Defendant is engaged in is the following:




The Plaintiff approached the Defendant to have the following built as described by a design he developed himself. Both the Defendant and the Plaintiff discussed the project at length regarding the needs and specifications of the project.

A written agreement was entered into by both the Plaintiff and Defendant on: ___/___/_____. The Plaintiff agreed to pay the Defendant a sum of:

$___________________________ for a final product. The Defendant agreed to build the product in accordance with the Plaintiff’s design with a completion date of:


The Defendant failed to deliver the final product by the due date that was mutually agreed upon. The Plaintiff made several phone calls and sent several emails to the Defendant regarding the breach of contract with no response.

By reason of the facts and circumstances that were stated above the Defendant has breached the stated contract.

Due to the breach of contract the Plaintiff has received damages by the Defendant in the sum of:


The Plaintiff hereby demands that a judgment against the Defendant in the sum of $________________________

Plus interest from the stated delivery date with any other relief that the Court finds to be a proper amount.

Plaintiff Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

State of: __________________________

County of: ________________________

The foregoing document was acknowledged before me this _________________ day of ______________________

20_____, at _____________________________________ in the State of: _________________________________

By: __________________________________________________________________________________________

To be his or her free act of deed.

Signature of Notary Public: _______________________________________________________________________

My commission expires: ___/___/_____