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A Collection Of Forms And Templates For The Construction Industry

Construction Contract
A Construction Contract is an Agreement between a contractor and a client that documents the rights and obligations of both parties that are involved in the business relationship. The provided Construction Contract Template will give you a framework to create your own construction project document.

Construction Bid
Generating a Construction Bid Proposal is a great way to lay out in detail all that is involved in your construction project for proposal. With the approximate costs properly laid out you will be at an advantage when competing for your next construction project.

Construction Estimate
Construction Estimate Form Template that gives you flexibility with creating your own construction project estimate. This free estimate template will guide you in the creation of a estimate form to include in your construction proposal submission.

Construction Proposal
This Construction Proposal Template will allow you to create a custom proposal or contract for all your construction or building projects. You can provide a break down of all material and labor costs. It can also be used for a supplier or a subcontractor. The attached Construction Proposal Template is an excellent way to explain all the specifics of your bid for a construction project.

Construction Quote
A Free detail oriented Construction Quote Template is provided for you to complete when competing for all our construction projects. This Construction Quote Template will allow you to effectively bid for your next construction project.

Liability Insurance Template
Liability Insurance has become absolutely necessary on all construction sites. The attached Construction Liability Insurance Template will provide you the proper structure that you need to complete this very important issue. You cannot afford to be without the proper Liability Insurance on your construction site.

Construction Daily Tasks
This Construction Daily Task Template will give you structure to your construction project schedule on a daily basis. With this sample list template you will be able to better organize your construction work day and communicate to all your managers what needs to be accomplished in an effective and efficient manner.

Construction Time Sheet
As the construction manager you are required to keep track of all your hourly employees. We have provided you with this Sample Construction Time Sheet Template for you to use as a guide in documenting all of your projects hourly employees time worked. If you have any questions please address them to the Human Resource office.

Vendor Subcontract Agreement
You can use this Construction Vendor Subcontract for all your construction vendors. By having all your vendors signing this legal document you will be legally protected from your vendors on your next construction project. Limit your vendor risk with a signed Construction Vendor Subcontract.

Equipment Rental Agreement
You may want to rent out some of your extra construction equipment. This Construction Equipment Rental Agreement will provide you with the correct template to create your own Construction Rental Agreement and tailor it to your specific needs.

Management Resume
If you are searching for a new construction management position this Free Construction Management Resume Sample Template will help get you started updating your resume. With a new up to date resume you are ready to send out your resume package with a cover letter to all prospective employers that you would be interested in working for.

List of Construction Defects
All construction projects will experience some level of defects. Early response and identification is key and will save you money. By documenting all defects immediately they can be properly addressed and not exacerbated. Use the attached List of Construction Defects document to communicate with the Construction Foreman what defects need to be resolved immediately before additional construction work can be completed.

Construction Memo
You can file these Construction Memos by month and subject matter. By keeping copies of all your Construction Memos online you will have a database of your project that you can reference at a future date. With a solid documentation process in place you will save time in the future.

Letter To Terminate Contract
When you need to terminate a construction project you can use this letter template to help you structure your letter effectively. Giving a written notice formally documents that you no longer wish to have a business relationship with the specified construction contractor.

Construction Log Book
On every construction project it is essential to document all your record keeping. This Field Log Book will allow you to properly document a detailed record for every day of your construction project. It is well laid out and allows flexibility for different daily tasks. Detail record keeping is very important. This Free Construction Field Log Book will help you document your next construction project.

Construction Issue Letter
Whenever there is an issue with your construction site you can use this Construction Issue Letter template to help you with writing a Letter to the Construction Manager on site. You may want to send all your Construction Issue Letters by certified mail to document the complaint.

Management Cover Letter
If you are in construction management and looking for work you can use the attached Construction Manager Cover Letter Template to assist you with writing your cover letter. Without a properly structured cover letter you will lessen your chances of getting your resume in front of the person who will give you a new career opportunity.

General Contractor Termination
If you are using a general contractor and need to terminate a business relationship with them fill you can use this General Contractor Termination Letter Template. Simply fill in the blanks and present it to the General Contractor for them to stop their work on your project.

Foreman Cover Letter
If you are a construction foreman and seeking a job opportunity. You can use this Sample Construction Foreman Cover Letter to help you with creating your own cover letter. A good cover letter is an important first step to getting your resume in front of a potential hiring manager.

Invitation to Bid Form
If you would like to have companies submit a bid for your work project you can fill out this Invitation to Bid Form and present all potential candidates with the Invitation to Bid. After you send out the invitation you will receive responses within the week. You can then log all your responses to your Invitation to Bid Form and see who is the best candidate.