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Sample Consignment Agreements

What Is Consignment

One entity (such as a manufacturer) agrees to turn goods over to another party (a consignment merchant) to sell for the first party on a commission basis.

Ownership of the goods is retained by the original entity until goods are sold.

Agreement describes the goods and the payment terms, as well as committing the selling party to keeping the goods in good order and condition and displaying them so as to enable sale in a reasonable period of time. A minimum sales price may be listed. Agreement states the time frame the seller has to either sell the goods or return them to the original owner. The seller must keep clear accounting records separate from his own funds and furnish the proceeds, minus the commission at the stated rate, within a stated period of time from sale date. If Seller (consignment merchant) maintains insurance, Manufacturer (owner) is listed as "Loss Payee". Optionally, the Manufacturer may maintain insurance - agreement should specify.

Shipping & Transport
Goods placed into the care of a shipper

Sale of Merchandise
Owner provides a product to an agent who sells it on their behalf

Free Sample Consignment Agreement Forms
Consignment Sales Agreement

Name of Manufacturer or Owner of Goods


Name of Selling Entity (Seller, or Consignment Merchant)


Description of Goods to be sold on Consignment


Minimum sales price _____________________

B) _____________________________________________

Minimum sales price _____________________
(list each item and min. price)

Seller agrees to make best effort to maintain goods in good condition and to display goods so as to enable sale in reasonable amount of time.

Insurance Maintained by _________________________

If seller (consignment merchant) maintains insurance, it is agreed that Manufacturer will be listed as "Loss Payee" on insurance.

Commission rate: ________

Accounting days: Every _______ days, Seller will provide a complete accounting, with full payment for sales made, less commission. Interest of ______% per month (as allowed by law) will apply for amounts not paid when due.

Return date: Unsold Goods will be returned to Manufacturer by ________________.

_____________________________ / _________________
Signature & Title - Manufacturer / Date

_____________________________ / _________________
Signature & Title - Consignment Merchant / Date

Free Consignment Agreements

Printable Contracts
Consignment agreement templates

Sample Agreements
Examples of consignment agreements

Sample Consignment Contracts For Merchandise

Website Type Rating Printable MS Excel Wordperfect PDF Comments
4expertise Sales 6 Yes No No Yes Consignment of manufacturer merchandise
Digital Women Sales 5 Yes No No No Generic sample form in HTML format
Consignment Agreements For Art

Website Type Rating Printable MS Excel Wordperfect PDF Comments
Law For Art Art 7 Yes No No Yes Generic art consignment agreement

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