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Cleaning Service Proposal
For all potential cleaning clients we have a Cleaning Service Proposal document that they are to be presented with. This document will be completed by the Cleaning Company representative on-site. If the prospective client approves the proposal and signs off on the work to be completed the cleaning rep can begin work that day with a supervisors approval.

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Cleaning Service Proposal TemplateForm 1588
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Type: Proposal

Cleaning Service Proposal

Proposal #: _______________________

Date: ___/___/_____

Proposal By: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Client Name: __________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State: ______________ Zip Code: ___________________________

Phone Numbers: _______________________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

We hereby submit an estimate for the following Cleaning Services for your home located at the above listed location. The Services that we will provide you are as follows:


Service Description


Total Cost = $_______________________________

Preferred Day of Week: ______________________ Preferred Time of Day: ___:___ AM / PM

Terms and Conditions :

All of the cleaning supplies to complete the above cleaning service will be supplied by: _______________________

The above prices and specifications are hereby found to be satisfactory and are accepted. With my signature below I am authorizing you to do the above listed work and to complete it a timely and professional manner. Payment will be made 30 Days from the invoice date.

Signature of Acceptance: _________________________________________________________________________