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Cash Register Balance Sheet
When it is time for the cash register to be balanced, this template provides a convenient form to record the count within the drawer. The balance sheet provides a column for the start balance of each denomination. An additional column is then provided to record the amount collected. Customize other fields such as food stamps and coupons based on the needs of your business.

Free Sample Template
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Cash Register Balance Sheet TemplateForm 2911
Format: Word PDF
Category: Business, Cashier
Type: Form

Cash Register Balance Sheet

Date: ___/___/_____


Starting Cash

Cash Collect














Total Cash Counted

Type of Money Collected

Cash Collected


Checks Collected


Bank Cards Collected


Coupons Collected


Food Stamps Collected


Total Collected


Totals From Cash Register Tape

Gross Sales

(-) Voided Sales

(-) Sales Returns

(+) Or (-) Other

(+) Or (-) Other

Net Sales

Sales Recorded By Type

Cash Sales

Checks Sales

Bank Cards Sales

Coupons Sales

Food Stamps Sales

Total Sales

Cashier’s Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________

ID #: _________________________________