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Cashier Balance Sheet
When your cashier's shift is over they must fill out this Cashier Balance Sheet. As manager you are responsible for every cashier's drawer total when their shift is finished. The shift supervisor is also required to verify that all drawers are accounted for before they clock out.

Free Sample Template
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Cashier Balance Sheet TemplateForm 1288
Format: Word PDF
Category: Business, Cashier
Type: Form

Cashier Balance Sheet

Name: _________________________________________________________

Department: _________________________________________________________

Date: ___/___/_____

Drawer Total: _________________________________

Counted Total: ________________________________

Cash Total: ___________________________________

Over / Short: _________________________________

Rolled Coins:


Roll Value

Dollar Coins

Half Dollars






Cashier Signature: __________________________________________Date: ___/___/_____

Shift Supervisor Signature: __________________________________________Date: ___/___/_____

Managerís Signature: __________________________________________Date: ___/___/_____